Sakura Line.
Magnetic block 4 pcs. fillet.
Elegant oblique block with visible blades with the 4 basic knives essential in the kitchen:
– BREAD KNIFE 23 cm.: semi-rigid serrated knife, for slicing bread, cakes, pizza.
– FLEXIBLE FILLET KNIFE 20 cm.: flexible knife, for filleting small and medium-sized fish. (e.g. perch, small trout, sole).
– KITCHEN KNIFE 18 cm.: the multipurpose knife for cooking, handy and safe for cutting vegetables, fruit, meat and fish.
– PARING KNIFE 11 cm.: semi-rigid knife for chopping and peeling vegetables and fruit.
Ergonomic double molded handle.
Small, handy and pleasantly designed with a texture that recalls the cherry blossom (Sakura).
The particular texture in addition to the undeniable elegance, gives the anti-slip function.