Ergoforge Line.
Block Ala 5 pcs. wenghè.
A strain in Wenghè, with plate stainless steel, elegant and modern.
– ROAST KNIFE 22 cm.: semi-rigid knife, for carving cooked meat (e.g. roast or boiled meat).
– BREAD KNIFE 22 cm.: semi-rigid serrated knife, for slicing bread, cakes, pizza.
– KITCHEN KNIFE 16 cm.: the multipurpose knife for cooking, handy and safe for cutting vegetables, fruit, meat and fish.
– NARROW BONING KNIFE 15 cm. : the pointed blade enables to cut next to the bone. Ideal for deboning, skinning and cutting out tendons and fat.
– PARING KNIFE 10 cm.: semi-rigid knife for chopping and peeling vegetables and fruit.
The knives of the Ergoforge line are forged individually in one piece.
Stainless steel blade.
Acetal resin handle with stainless steel rivets.
Entirely handmade.