Premana Professional Line.
Snake 5 pcs. brill Premana.
The system in matt anodized aluminum, branded Sanelli, stands out for its elegance and refinement, as well as for the innovation in the shapes and the quality of the materials.
Sanelli develops a knife system dedicated to lovers of modern design involving the designers Vittori and Perri in its company philosophy.
The new collection for knives draws strength from a profound process innovation that develops shapes, surfaces and finishes, never created on objects for cutlery.
The Sanelli Design Line represents the synthesis between technological research and the desire to dedicate a design object that provides to the kitchen environment.
The composition includes:
– ROAST KNIFE 24 cm.: semi-rigid blade knife, ideal for slicing cooked meats (eg roasts, boiled meats).
– SERRATED BREAD KNIFE 24 cm.: knife with semi-rigid and serrated blade, ideal for slicing bread, focaccia and pizzas.
– KITCHEN KNIFE 18 cm.: rigid blade knife ideal for cutting and peeling fruit and vegetables.
– NARROW BONING KNIFE 16 cm.: ideal knife for boning, skinning, removing tendons and fat. The tip facilitates operations close to the bone.
– PARING KNIFE 10 cm.: semi-rigid blade knife, ideal for cutting and cleaning fruit and vegetables.
Ergonomic handle in double molding and anti-slip material with Biomaster additive.