• Height 14 cm
  • Diameter 8 cm
  • Butterfly width 9 cm

Fragrances available:

  • Sweet emotions: Citrus fragrance with sweet notes of flowers, fruit and slight hints, in depth, of moss.
  • Notes of charm: The citrus notes of bergamot are linked to woody tones and oriental sandalwood. Rich and precious, reinforced fragrance
    warm tones of amber, musk and vanilla.
  • Cotton flowers: Duplicity between the sweetness of iris and the enveloping notes of thiarè and ylang-ylang and the final fresh scent
    and flowery bergamot and cyclamen.
  • Mediterranean citrus: Perfect combination of citrus and delicate aromas sparkling notes.
  • Precious woods: Elegant and balanced fragrance with woody base of American cedar and tonka bean, fishing agreements and nails
    of carnation and a touch of white jasmine.
  • Sublime freshness: Fragrance with aromas of herbs and peat, sparkling and lightly balsamic.
  • Wild must: Fragrance with dominating magnolia together with particular combination of wild berries.