Coltellerie Sanelli S.r.L. created its “Premana Professional” collection by analysing and solving every last one of the problems that are encountered by the professional who uses these working tools every day.


Each model of knife is made for a specific purpose. Do not use the knife for anything else. Do not let the blade come into contact with hard surfaces (ceramic tile, granite worktops etc.).


This knife can be washed in a dishwasher as long as you make sure that it is removed immediately after the cycle is completed. It may also be washed by hand, using ordinary household detergents. In this case, make sure that you remove all the débris that easily accumulates on the blade in the area near the handle: take special care to clean your knives well after using them in contact with corrosive substances: for example, oxidation is accelerated by the abundance of sodium chloride found in fish processing. In general, all organic liquids are potentially harmful if left in contact with the blade for many hours.


You should sharpen your knives with the sharpening steel. If you use a grindstone, make sure that you use specific abrasives and a cooler: tempering could cause a loss of hardness and breakage.