Available fragrances:

  • Wild must: Sweet fragrance with a dominant magnolia together with the particular combination of wild berries.
  • Wood and orchid floral: fragrance with dominants of black and pink orchid, along with grapefruit and musk, which enhance and emphasize the aromas.
  • Freshness sublime: Fragrance with aromas of herbs and peat, sparkling and slightly  balsamic.
  • Flowers and powder: Fragrance round and flowered with a strong note of jasmine, tuberose and precious woods.
  • Oranges and spices: Spicy fragrance and ripe fruit with hints of sweetly perfumed flowers.
  • Mediterranean citrus fruit: Perfect combination of citrus aromas and delicate sparkling notes.
  • Amber and vanilla: Fragrance reassuring and full, sweet, amber and with special notes of germ of rice and vanilla.